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 Bright P-12 College COVID-19 Update – 18th March 2020


As part of our response to COVID-19 at Bright P-12 College we have reorganised and streamlined our communication process to effectively get our message out to you in a clear and timely manner. From today I will be sending a COVID-19 update bulletin for staff, parents and students by 3pm each day through Compass and the Bright P-12 Parents and Community Facebook page.


Again, I reiterate my main concern is the health and wellbeing of the students and staff within our school but also importantly the broader community of Bright and surrounding districts, during the coming months. The measures we put in place at Bright P-12 College will contribute to broader efforts across the community to contain and slow the spread of the COVID -19 virus over a period of what could be a number of months. Because we live in a small community we each have an important role in limiting the spread of the virus to the most vulnerable and at risk.



The advice of the Chief Health Officer remains at present that our schools should stay open, except in the case of a confirmed case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). If/when we go to a school closure I will promptly inform you via Compass and the Facebook page.


We encourage all parents and students to ensure they have access to Compass as this will be the portal for detailed information. If you need assistance with logging into Compass please contact the Bright P-12 College Front Office for assistance during the revised business hours 8am – 3.45pm. All 7-12 students (at school today) have been issued with a new DET email address and individually supported to access their email. Any student not present today, but intending to be at school tomorrow, will receive their email address and support to access their emails by going to see Mr Burton (Secondary Assistant Principal). Anyone who is not present today or tomorrow will have their email access posted to their home address.


In the event of a school closure, the Leadership Team of Bright P-12 College met yesterday to prepare and divided into three teams with the following focuses: Teaching and Learning, Wellbeing and Organisational. More information will be in my COVID-19 update tomorrow around our plans for a school closure.


In preparation for a possible school closure I advise all Year 7-12 students to take their equipment home and bring in only what’s needed for the days lessons. 



Some parents of Bright P-12 College have decided to self-isolate and not send their children to school as a pre-cautionary measure. The College can support the continuity of learning for those students in the following ways while the school is operational: Primary students –email Ms Kelli Jacobsen (Assistant Principal Primary for support) and Secondary students – use the available learning materials currently on Compass.


While the College is fully operational it is not possible for our staff to provide a complete off-site learning program (if and when we do go to a school closure our whole focus will be on providing off-site learning).


I appreciate your support and understanding of our situation at present, however if you do have concerns for your child’s learning while at home please contact the College.



The declaration by the Victorian Government of a State of Emergency means that the state now has the power to do the following, among other measures:

  • enforce a mandatory self-quarantine period for returning travellers 
  • enforce a ban on non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people. 

The mandatory self-quarantine period of 14 days for travellers returning from overseas does have implications for students and staff. In brief, students who travel overseas will not be able to attend school for 14 days when they return. Similarly, staff who travel overseas will not be able to attend school for 14 days and will be required to use personal leave to cover this absence.


Clearly, in line with Commonwealth Government revised travel advice, staff and students should reconsider any planned overseas travel during these coming school holidays.



To limit the social contact made between students each day I have separated the Primary and Secondary lunch times. Primary students will have lunch during period 4 (they can then use the secondary oval to spread out) and Secondary will remain with the normal lunch time, and can use the library area and primary basketball courts to spread out.



To limit the spread of the virus within the College we have implemented the following preventative measures:


  • Student education around personal hygiene measures
  • Disinfectant spray bottles in all classrooms for use at the beginning of each lesson



The FCW uniform shop will be attended for the usual hours of 8am to 11am on Thursday 19th March. It is preferred if orders can be placed online or via email . You can also reach Natasha at the shop during opening hours on 5750 1536. Bushfire vouchers can be applied if ordering via email or phone.  If you need to access the shop, please enter via the stadium carpark.



Cancelled excursions for this term:

  • 5/6 Swimming
  • Hume Swimming
  • Year 11/12 Studio Arts visit to Top Arts
  • Year 12 Retreat
  • All Outdoor Education Trips
  • 3-12 Cross country
  • O&M Sports
  • Model United Nations


Cancelled or postponed camps/excursions for Term 2 at this stage include:

  • Year 10 Camp
  • Wadeye Trip
  • Bright Fun Run




If your child is feeling unwell please keep them at home until they are better. Children who present unwell during school hours will be removed from the class to the Front Office for parents to collect. Please provide a notice on Compass or contact the Front Office if you are keeping your child at home


Thank-you again for your support and assistance during these difficult times. Wishing you all the very best.


Jean Olley


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