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Bright P-12 College COVID-19 Update – 19th March 2020


My thanks to staff, parents, students and the wider community for your support and understanding during these difficult times. I would like to reassure students and parents that Bright P-12 College whether onsite, or offsite, in future weeks will be continuing to focus on student outcomes and support the growth and development of all our students. In particular, for our Year 12 students, who are having possibly the most unusual Year 12 experience, be assured the VCAA are currently looking at options for Unit 4, VET and VCAL to support you this year. When I have more information it will be included in these bulletins


    • Some parents of Bright P-12 College have decided to self-isolate and not send their children to school as a pre-cautionary measure. The College can support the continuity of learning for those students in the following ways while the school is operational: Primary students –email Ms Kelli Jacobsen (Assistant Principal Primary for support) and Secondary students – use the available learning materials currently on Compass.


    • Please remember that if your child/ren is not at school (for whatever reason) please inform the office so your child’s absence can be recorded.


    • While the College is fully operational it is not possible for our staff to provide a complete off-site learning program (if and when we do go to a Remote Learning our whole focus will be on providing off-site learning). I ask you not to contact individual teachers at this stage as they are very busy and will be unable to answer you concerns.


    • I appreciate your support and understanding of our situation at present, however if you do have concerns for your child’s learning while at home please contact the College.



  • It is natural for students to ask questions and possibly feel anxious. As parents, we can help by following a few simple steps.
    • Know when they need guidance. Be aware of how your kids get news and information, especially older kids who go online. Point them to age-appropriate content so they don't end up finding news shows or outlets that scare them or have incorrect information.


    • Talk about things that are happening to keep people healthy and specify things that you can do together to keep in control such as hand washing.


    • Prepare kids for change, smooth transitions are better than sudden shocks.


    • Kids will often worry more about their families and friends than themselves, especially older relatives. Let them Skype or Facetime relatives for reassurance.


    • Let your children know it is OK to feel a little anxious, stressful times pass and we become more resilient.


    • There are a lot of services that can help if anxiety builds beyond normal coping, please contact our Wellbeing Leading Teacher Jenny Young and you will be directed to a service that might best suit your family needs.




    • If your child is feeling unwell please keep them at home until they are better. Children who present unwell during school hours will be removed from the class to the Front Office for parents to collect. Please provide a notice on Compass or contact the Front Office if you are keeping your child at home





  • Following on from our work yesterday with ensuring that all students can access their school emails, today we supported all Year 7 – 12 students who were at school with the use of Compass and Google suite. If we are teaching and learning remotely, then Compass will be the main communication method, with students accessing Lesson Plans, Resources and Learning Tasks as well as submitting work online. We will also use the Google suite to allow students to collaborate with each other and their teacher in real time.
  • Any students who was absent today will need to log-in to Compass and find the Lesson Plan for their relevant subject below so that they can also get this set-up (the relevant subject teacher will be able to see once each student has completed this task):

7A: P2 Economics AM

7B: P3 English CL

7C: P2 Humanities RBS

7D: P5 Science PE

8A: P4 Humanities NT

8B: P5 Science JY

9A: P3 Humanities MJ

9B: P3 English AM

10A: P1 Physical Education MP

10B: P1 Physical Education ED

Unit 1&2 General Maths: P1 PE

Unit 1&2 Maths Methods: P1 LD

Unit 3&4 English: P1 HR

VCAL Literacy: P2 BD

*Any students who need further support with this, please contact your Year Level Coordinator

We are working with staff this afternoon around what Remote Learning looks like for a teacher, and from next week Secondary teachers will be writing a brief Lesson Plan on Compass for every single/double period which will provide some guidance for students who are absent from school. We will be providing a similar document around what Remote Learning looks like for a Secondary student and for a Secondary parent in the coming days.





  • Mathew Gray (Leading Teacher Numeracy Primary) been developing how Remote Learning at Year 5 and 6 would look. There will be two options available 1. an Educational Pack which includes Core learning activities and 2. Students lending school owned computers to take home to enable access to online portals through Google Classrooms and other educational sites. Tonight, the Year 5 & 6 teachers are further developing plans for Remote Learning.
  • Acceptable Use of Computer agreements are being distributed today for parents to sign and return to the Front Office.


  • The Leading Teachers Literacy Primary (Zerlina Green and Georgie Matters) have been busy preparing documents for the P-4 teachers to send home in an event of needing to work remotely. In the Learning from Home Guide there will be information about what a daily schedule might look like, online programs, communicating with your child’s teacher and suggested activities for English (Reading and Writing) and Mathematics. Primary staff will be working on what remote learning will look like for these students.



  • A hard copy of a home computer access survey went home yesterday to the youngest in the family of primary students. This survey will enable us to better plan for remote learning for primary students of Bright P-12 College. Thank you everyone who have already completed this survey (70 families) and if you have not yet, could you please hand it in to the Front Office by 9am tomorrow.


  • We encourage all parents and students to ensure they have access to Compass as this will be the portal for detailed information. If you need assistance with logging into Compass please contact the Bright P-12 College Front Office for assistance during the revised business hours 8am – 3.45pm.


  • All 7-12 students (here today and yesterday) have been issued with a new DET email address and individually support to set this up and access.


  • All students and parents will be able to access the details for the new email address via the reports tab within Compass from tomorrow afternoon. Any one not present at school today or yesterday will be able to use this method to access their new email details. We have decided not to mail this out as it will take too long. Any concerns please contact the College via



In future updates I will be providing parents with support and guidance to help their children learning at home.



  • The following camps/excursions or events have either been postponed or cancelled:
    • Year 11 Ball
    • Somers Camp



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