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Dear Parents, Carers, Guardians and Students,

Many thanks for your support and patience over the last couple of weeks as the COVID-19 situation has played out. I am very proud of the way my staff and students have stepped up during this period and showed compassion and resilience in very unusual times. They are to be thanked for their commitment to Bright P-12 College and our broader communities.



As you are aware the school holiday period for Term 1 has now changed.



            End of Term 1:     Monday 23rd March 2020

            Start of Term 2:     Wednesday 15th April 2020



            End of Term 1:     Friday 27th March 2020

            Start of Term 2:     Tuesday 14th April 2020 (pupil free day)


DET will advise on whether the transition to flexible and remote learning and support should commence on the first student day of Term 2 (Wednesday 15 April) at some point, most likely over the school holidays. I will keep you informed.



If you are in essential services work (this may include health, police, corrections and emergency services workers), Bright P-12 College will be providing care and supervision for primary students during the week 24th -27th March 2020.


If you are intending to send your child/ren could you please contact myself via email, or give the College a call in the morning.


This way we will know who to expect and can monitor their attendance. 



Sometimes it can be overwhelming when confronted by such a large issue such as COVID-19, but it is important to remember in some ways it can come down to the power of one – youand your actions. In the coming weeks and months what you do is going to have an impact on how widely this virus spreads in our community and the outcomes for those who are more vulnerable to the illness. 


Below is the link to list of actions you can take now to slow the spread of coronavirus in Victoria




(Jenny Young - Wellbeing Leader)


Any students requiring regional phone counselling services over the holiday break please use the most applicable services below:




Prep- Grade 4 Teaching and Learning update

(Georgie Matters & Zerlina Green - Primary Teaching and Learning Leaders)


Currently the Year Prep to Four have been working on a Term 2 timetable for students and assigning areas of work that can be accessed remotely. This will be available for students and parents on the 14th of April along with instructions on how to go forward with their learning. 


We have completed all individual folders for students that contain Term 2 resources and they are either located in the Library (Grade 3/4) or Tes Pedericks’ room (Prep-2). Please can these be picked up by the end of the week. Collection times are 2.30pm to 3.30pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


For the next few days students have access to Mathletics, Sunshine Online and Reading Eggs, which all are optional as it is officially school holidays. We would also encourage students to read everyday to a parent or guardian. 


If you have any queries please contact your child’s teacher or Kelli Jacobsen through Compass.


Grades 5-6 Teaching and Learning update

(Mathew Gray - Primary Teaching and Learning Leader)


Currently the Year 5/6  teachers are working towards a Term 2 timetable and set work for students to work remotely. This will be made available on the 14th April along with instructions for set work and submitting back to the teachers throughout week one, if needed. 


There will also be a detailed teacher letter sent out on this Friday to parents and students. 


Students currently have work from this term which they can continue on with, as well as Mathletics & Reading Eggs, which all are optional as it is officially school holidays. 


Teachers will be setting two Holiday activities, one per week on the Monday (30/3 & 6/4) which again are optional and will be designed to be both active and creative. 


As per usual students are expected to continue to be reading throughout the holidays (20mins x 4 nights). The unit has created an optional worksheet pack which is

available to students that have poor internet access. We would rather students to be completing their Term 2 work via the Google Classroom and online educational sites as this will be more fluid and interactive. 


If your child requires a worksheet pack could you please email your child’s teacher by Thursday for pick up on Friday between 2pm and 3pm.


Years 7-12 Teaching and Learning update
(Libby Dean and Mel Worth - Secondary Teaching and Learning leaders)

Over the last few days and in our meeting last Thursday afternoon, Secondary staff have:

·      Consolidated their understanding of Compass use and developed consistent practices around this to prepare for the possibility of Remote Learning which includes student access to lesson plans/resources, submitting work and timely feedback accessible for students, parents and staff.

·      Started the process of setting up Google shared drives for each class, to allow online collaboration if we transition to Remote Learning

 ·     Begun finalising Term 1 continuous reporting and assessment that has been completed so far

Students have been supported with logging in to their Google drives and using their Edupass user ID and password. Any students who need further help with this, please contact Scott Burton or Tony Brooks. Personal emails are not to be used in regards to any communication between teachers and students.

Secondary students who did not have a computer have been loaned a computer from school and we have ensured that all students have access to the internet, to allow them to engage with Remote Learning if required in Term 2.

We are working hard to develop a model of what Remote Learning for Secondary students, parents and staff would look like and we will communicate this with you later this week.

We would like to thank students, parents and staff for their understanding, adaptability and resilience as we all work together for the best education outcomes for all students.




(Kelli Jacobsen - Assistant Principal Primary)


A reminder for parents to come in from 2.30pm to 3.30pm from Wednesday to collect any ESSENTIAL LEARNING RESOURCES you may require. Please make contact with Kelli Jacobsen at the Library as your first port of call.


Also, this week is school holidays so parents do not need to be enforcing students to be working on school work, at home. If students are keen to make a headstart on learning they can access Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress and Sunshine Online.



(Scott Burton - Assistant Principal - Secondary)


Ensure your child has a break – its holidays after all

Ø  Use this time to set up a workspace from home. This includes where possible identifying a space that is quiet, free from clutter, preferably at a table/desk, good natural light and close to a powerpoint.

Ø  Ensure your Child/ren have all the correct equipment such as text books and log in details for compass/email/google(5-12) Learning packs (p-4). Ensure you have access to compass and if not contact school. Please ensure students are using their Edupass email not personal emails when logging in.

Ø  If you are having trouble connecting remotely Scott, Kelli or Tony can be contacted for support. This includes issues such as logging into compass, student emails, no internet connection (requesting hard copy work).  


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