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Dear Parents, Carers, Guardians and Students,



Dear Parents, Guardians, Carers and Students,

Well today has been relatively quiet in terms of the last couple of  weeks, so I do not have a lot to report on. I also trialled my first day of working at home, which has gone well. The NBN has held up in the Buckland and I have discovered my mobile phone now works at home.



It is hard to find positives within the dreadful situation we are currently facing, however we could look at it as the time you now have as a family, together, is privileged time. A time to reconnect, build shared experiences and memories and strengthen your bonds. 


If or when we do go to Remote Learning we will be considering the parent as well as the student in the teaching and learning programs we are designing. There will be opportunity to have very different enriched experiences together, that currently our teachers have the joy to be involved in every day. It is what keeps us in the profession, which for me is a long time (and no I am not divulging just how many years that is). There is fun, excitement, joy, laughter and sometimes tears when involved in teaching and learning.  


We will be there to support you. It will be a learning experience for us as this mode of education has not been at our core, however I can report we are already making good progress in this area. I am very proud of my staff in the way they have picked up the challenge and creatively and competently started the journey. We will need to adjust, learn and redesign along the way. It will take time. It might not be optimal at first. Please be patient with us and support us through critical but respectful feedback. Together we can make this happen, and what we do in this space over the period of time it is needed, will help to inform and build our on-site teaching and learning program.



It is the holidays for our students for just over two weeks, including Easter, so take time to wind down and look after your wellbeing.


 For our senior students, again, please do not stress about the VCE, VCAL or VET certificates or the ATAR. The relevant authorities are well aware of your situation and the impact this may have on your learning and achievement this year. I am confident due consideration of this will be given to our Year 12s. However, this does not mean do nothing. Take the time to revise and engage deeply with your learning, but please do take some time for yourselves and try and relax. 



(Jenny Young - Wellbeing Leader)

Rosemary Bunge, our school nurse, is available to talk to students who might need some strategies to cope in difficult times or some relaxation exercises to do. If you would like to Rosemary to give you a call let me know via email,



Prep- Grade 4 Teaching and Learning update

(Georgie Matters & Zerlina Green - Primary Teaching and Learning Leaders)

Currently the Year Prep to Four have been working on a Term 2 timetable for students and assigning areas of work that can be accessed remotely. This will be available for students and parents on the 14th of April along with instructions on how to go forward with their learning. 

We have completed all individual folders for students that contain Term 2 resources and they are either located in the Library (Grade 3/4) or Tes Pedericks’ room (Prep-2). Please can these be picked up by the end of the week. Collection times are 2.30pm to 3.30pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


We have also added our ‘Remote Learning Letters’ to Compass for your access. Please download these files if you can and keep them safe alongside your child’s Individual Remote Learning package.


Thank you for your support through this time and if you have any queries please contact your child’s teacher or Kelli Jacobsen through Compass. 


Grades 5-6 Teaching and Learning update

(Mathew Gray - Primary Teaching and Learning Leader)

Currently the year 5/6 teachers are working towards a Term 2 timetable and set work for students to work remotely. This will be made available on the 14th April along with instructions for set work and submitting back to the teachers throughout week one, if needed.


There will also be a detailed teacher letter sent out on this Friday to parents and students.


Students currently have work from this term which they can continue on with, as well as Mathletics & Reading Eggs, which all are optional as it is officially school holidays.


Teachers will be setting two Holiday activities via Google Classroom. It will be one per week on Mondays (30/3 & 6/4) which again are optional and will be designed to be both active and creative.


As per usual students are expected to continue to be reading throughout the holidays (20mins x 4 nights). The unit has created an optional worksheet pack which is

available to students that have poor internet access. We would rather students to be completing their Term 2 work via the Google Classroom and online educational sites as this will be more fluid and interactive.


If your child requires a worksheet pack could you please email your child’s teacher by Thursday for pick up on Friday between 2pm and 3pm.


Years 7-12 Teaching and Learning update
(Libby Dean and Mel Worth - Secondary Teaching and Learning leaders)

Teachers have been collaboratively planning from home using an online platform, to prepare for the possibility of delivering their classes remotely in Term 2.

Year 7 - 12 assessment tasks were cancelled for this week and so due dates are being removed from Compass Learning Tasks in applicable subjects for the time being.

VCE teachers are making contact with classes via email regarding expectations for holiday homework tasks.

We would like to thank students, parents and staff for their understanding, adaptability and resilience as we all work together for the best education outcomes for all students



(Kelli Jacobsen - Assistant Principal Primary)

Just want to reiterate that everyone spends this time connecting as a family unit and enjoys the break. 

I have been working with Sally Kellett today on putting together a continuation of our Reading Support Program and how this might look remotely.

I would like to make sure that parents are aware they can contact me if they have any concerns or queries in relation to schooling or other concerns. Please do so via email on



(Scott Burton - Assistant Principal - Secondary)

We are trying to ensure all students have access to their Edupass email address and their School Google account. Staff will be contacting students who have been self-isolating/ absent since the 16th March to check that you have been able to log in in readiness for Term 2. Please contact me if you need assistance to complete this process. 


Warm regards
Jean Olley
Bright P-12 College

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