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Principal Update 17.4.20


Dear Parents, Guardians, Carers and Students

Well we made it through the first week of Remote Teaching and Learning. It has been a big week for you and the staff and I hope you are finding a rhythm to the school day that suits you and your family. A big shout out to everyone for your patience, goodwill and positive attitude. Together we can do this.


Attached to this Compass post is a letter from Jenny Atta Secretary, DET  for all parents and carers and the On-site attendance application form for Week 3 of this term. 



Assistant Principal Primary Kelli Jacobsen

Thank you for all of your communication around computer and internet issues. We have been working with the Primary teachers and Leaders and we have decided that we would like to provide every student in Grade 3 or 4, who do not currently have a computer at home for their own individual use, with a loan device from the College.

Could I ask that all parents of Grade 3 and 4 students please email Kelli Jacobsen at by Monday 12pm if they would like to ‘loan’ a computer from the College for the term.

These computers will have a generic log-on, which will mean you will not need to log-on at school. You will receive the log-on details on collection. Parents and students can then log-in to COMPASS either via the parent log-on or student log-on to access work and tasks.

Parents will also be required to sign an agreement on collection. Collection of devices will occur on Tuesday 21st of April after 11am at the school Library but before 3pm. Then again on Friday the 24th of April from 11am to 2.30pm.
Please only send one adult to collect the device so we can adhere to social distancing guidelines.

In discussion with Primary teachers we have also decided that those students in Prep to Year 2 who do not have a computer in their home may also be eligible for a loan computer from the College. However, as we do not have enough computers to provide all students with one we have decided to prioritise students who have English as an Additional Language, families who do not have a computer in their residence (this includes receiving a loan one from the College for a Grade 3 or 4 sibling) or those families with 2 or more siblings

in Prep to Year 2. If you believe you meet the above criteria please email Kelli Jacobsen by Monday 12pm on the email address above.

It is our aim to be supporting families and students with an exceptional educational program and being able to supply families with a loan computer will assist us during this period of time.

In terms of internet connection, we continue to look for solutions for this. But in the Principal Update yesterday we have asked families to first make contact with their mobile or landline provider to see if you can access extra data due to CoronaVirus. Please read Jean’s update from yesterday to more details and web addresses to access this.



Assistant Principal Secondary Scott Burton

As of next week Year 7-12 attendance will be monitored through student participation in the Home group meeting as well as  throughout the day with regular check-ins with teachers. If a student does not yet have access to the internet at 7-12 please email me and we will see what we can do to support you with access as soon as possible. If your child is sick or away from learning please contact the College in the normal way to let us know they are absent.



Leading Teachers Libby Dean and Mel Worth

Thank you very much to our school wide community for their support and engagement in our first week of the online teaching and learning program. 


We thought in this update we would just include a few critical points to remember when accessing your child’s learning each day.  These are also outlined in the student expectations document attached to the Principal update on 14.4.

Accessing lesson plans

8:45am -     Login to Compass, check for news feed items and then check edupass emails inbox 

8:50am -     Check in to Homegroup

Start of each period - Click on timetabled class on Compass. 

This is where the lesson plan is for each class

  • From there, the teacher may ask you to engage with certain resources, click on a link or use Google suite, but Compass is where you will find the lesson plan for each class

Please ensure that you follow the lesson plan carefully so that you do not miss any critical tasks or check in/check out activities.


Health and wellbeing

At the end of each lesson, please ensure students stand up, stretch, move for a bit and drink some water.

Next week we will provide some different examples of activities you can do to keep active as a family, especially on those days that your child does not have PE.  We should all be aiming for 30-60mins of physical activity each day. Great to see a lot of families exercising together!


VCE, VET & VCAL update:

  • Unit 1 & 3 VCE, VET & VCAL subjects will be running for two weeks longer than usual, until the end of Term 2, 26th June. This will give us all a bit more time to get through content remotely

  • We are expecting updates from the VCAA around structured workplace learning, school based apprenticeships and VET arrangements by the end of next week (Week 2)

  • Whilst we await more information from the VCAA around VCE school-based assessment, there will be no Unit 1 or 3 assessment tasks conducted until after Week 4



Cazz Redding, Bright P12 College Council. 


The regular P&C coffee catch up will be held next Wednesday 22 April at 9.15 am through Webex as we adjust to this brave new world. 


Click on this link to join:


It will be a low key chat and a chance to share your experiences, challenges and connect with other people. Rosemary Bunge the school nurse and Jenny Young our wellbeing coordinator will be joining us and will be able talk through any wellbeing issues being experienced by you or your kids. If you need some help setting up Webex, please get in touch with or call 0415 514 928. 

 Looking forward to catching up with some friendly Bright P12 faces. 


Have a wonderful weekend 


Jean Olley


Bright P-12 College


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