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Principal Update 24.4.20


Dear Parents, Guardians, Carers and Students


We have successfully made it through another week of Remote Teaching and Learning and can give ourselves a big pat on the back. Well done team!!!


A big shout out to the students of Bright P-12 College for the way you are working off-site. The feedback I am receiving from you is very encouraging and mostly positive of the structure we have in place to enable off-site learning. However, particularly at Years 7-12, there are some concerns around work load for some students. As I have mentioned in previous updates the Leadership Team is meeting regularly to be responsive to your needs, so this area is on our agenda for the next meeting. Your feedback via Homegroups/teachers/parents has been very valuable in helping us to see the teaching and learning program from your eyes.


Families' experiences with this style of learning are going to be different and we are receiving very varied parent and student perspectives on the effectiveness of the format for them. My aim and that of my staff is to support you through this term in the most effective way for you. We have to be flexible in how we approach this term. We need to be kind to ourselves. Do not panic. Do the best you can with our support. We will get your child/ren back on track when they return to on-site learning if they lose their way this term. Share your laughter, share your joy, share your calm, share your strengths with your child/ren and learn from each other. Their wellbeing and yours is of high importance.


ANZAC day is one of our most important ceremonies at the College, but this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions we have been unable to proceed. The Bright RSL are encouraging people to head outside and “Light up the Dawn” with mini services in their driveways, at their front gates or on their verandahs to commemorate ANZAC day at 6am. And if you wish to lay a wreath you are welcome to do so, just remember to keep space between others. 



This Sunday would have been our Fun Run as well, but again with the COVID-19 restrictions in place we are unable to proceed. The Fun Run is our major fundraising event for the College and one that comes with a huge amount of preparation many months before the event from a dedicated committee of volunteers headed by Matt Fullerton. Matt and his team had already put in a huge number of hours organising the event before it was cancelled. I would like to thank Matt for all his efforts with the event over a number of years now and pay tribute to the work he has done to enhance the event for the College. From all of the Bright P-12 College community we are extremely grateful to you and your committee of helpers. 



We have 9 Wifi Dongles to go to families without appropriate internet thanks to the good work of the College Council and in particular Karlene Beck as well as the kind donation of three by William McRae. We are just waiting on the arrival of the SIM cards to activate the wifi, hopefully very soon, and then we will be able to distribute them. 



P-4 Teaching and Learning - Georgie Matters & Zerlina Green

We are trying our best to take on feedback and make changes to improve the format of the information provided and also to try and make it as consistent as possible across the Prep to Year Four classes. We have begun to make the following changes to the Year 1/2 and 3/4 PowerPoints to help support parents in delivering learning at home and this will come into full affect week 4:

  • PowerPoint slides have been organised into days of the week instead of curriculum areas (Reading, Writing and Maths). We have also tried to keep information included in these as succinct as possible to shorten the length of the PowerPoint.

  • We will include voiceovers for some of the lessons to help your child/children be more independent with the activities.

  • We have included an example timetable for your week. This is just to support those finding routine difficult but is open to adaptation. We understand that the given examples may not work for all families and we encourage you to find a schedule that you can manage. You may not fit in everything that is set for one day and that is okay.

  • We are enjoying getting some pictures of work and talking to our students on the phone. Feel free to share work samples with your teachers by attaching a picture of your child’s work to an email. This could be for any subject, including Literacy, Maths, Art, Japanese or Music. However this is not a formal requirement at this stage for Prep to Year Two students. Please note: keep emails with work samples to a maximum of 2 or 3 per week from all curriculum areas. 

  • Compass Learning Tasks have been set up by the Year 3/4 teachers as forms of assessment. Please refer to your child’s powerpoint for instructions and further details on tasks. 

  • There will be a trial Compass Learning Task set up for students in Prep to Year Two. This is an optional task and a chance to try out the use of Learning Tasks in the early years. If you have any issues with accessing these, please email Georgie Matters 

  • Activities from specialist classes (Japanese, Art and Music) will now be on a separate PowerPoint for your child/children to access. These will be posted at the same time your child’s/children’s Curriculum Leader posts their weekly work.


5-6 Teaching and Learning - Mathew Gray

The Five/Six timetable has once again gone under construction. The main points you might notice are as follows: 

  • Literacy every morning (Reading and Writing) 90 mins

  • Hour recess break

  • Mathematics (30mins) 

  • Specialist classes each afternoon (60mins) 

  • Afternoon- Catch up on work, physical activity, mental health or reading 

Through these changes we are aiming at providing more flexibility for students to complete work in the afternoon. 



Assistant Principal Primary - Kelli Jacobsen

We would just like to reiterate the importance of each teacher connecting with their students. Your child’s teacher would have called you twice this week and we will continue with this process until further notice. Could you please keep in mind that this time is really important for our teachers to be connecting with their students. If you have any feedback or questions as a parent, could you please email the teacher. We have only assigned each child a 10min window to enable these phone calls twice a week and this is a really critical strategy we have engaged to keep students and teachers connected.



Assistant Principal Secondary - Scott Burton

In order to streamline the attendance for each day and monitor student wellbeing. Students are asked to access their homegroup lesson plan on Compass each morning. Staff will be placing a link to a Google Form on the lesson plan. Students will click on the link and answer some short questions and this will alert the homegroup teacher of their attendance, any support they require and how they are traveling with remote teaching and learning.  If students are not completing this check-in they will be marked absent for the day. Our attendance staff will then follow up with a phone call home. 



Attached to this update are some more examples of student work and next week we will have our newsletter packed with even more student work examples. Well done everyone.


Have a lovely weekend.


Warm regards

Jean Olley


Bright P-12 College


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