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Dear Parents, Guardians, Carers and Students,

We are now well back into our remote teaching and learning program for a second time. It has been, mostly, a smooth start for all, which is great.


A big shout out to our students who have made the transition seamlessly to learning at home. Your resilience, flexibility and attitude of ‘we can do this without fuss’ is commendable. 

A big shout out to our teachers who have once again shown they are up to the challenge and taken on the work to move our core business off site with vigour and gusto.

A big shout out to our parents who have once again taken on remote teaching and learning with goodwill.

A big shout out to our ES staff who are making an amazing effort to continue the smooth operations of the school with great flexibility.


This time around we have a much better starting position due to the work completed in term 2 and extensive feedback from students, parents and staff around what worked and what didn’t. Much of our program will stay the same, but for specific areas there will be some changes, changes you are probably already seeing. 



To improve and develop on these new areas of our remote teaching and learning program we will be holding Pupil Free day on Wednesday 26th August 2020 apart from Senior Students (and year 10 students enrolled in VCE/VET students) who will be working on this day. All other students and teachers in Years Prep – Year 10 will not be expected to be online.


There will be no onsite provision program on Wednesday 26th August 2020.


We have chosen Wednesday as our senior students only have single periods which means the staff teaching senior students will have a greater access to the teacher learning.


The pupil free day will allow the staff to participate in further online learning to increase positive student outcomes during this period and then incorporate this work into our return to site in term 4. I thank you for your support. 


We’ve got this! You've got this!

We have done it once and can do it again. 


Primary Assistant Principal - Kelli Jacobsen 

Wellbeing continues to be a focus for our staff for students and families alike. With us embarking on a new remote and flexible learning program from we have had communication from CHIPs (Child Health Intervention and Parent Support) to say that these sessions (with those students already referred to this program) will continue via an online platform of choice, Facetime, Skype, Zoom and phone. 


They have also introduced a new Positive Parenting Phone Service and I will put this information into one of the Parent Updates this week. The service offers a self-directed program to families with children aged from 2 to 10 who live in the Hume Region of Victoria. This is a practical approach to raising children that focuses on building strong family relationships, encouraging good behaviour and teaching new skills. It also involves helping children learn to be aware of the needs of others and to develop responsibility and self-control. Children who grow up with positive parenting are more likely to gain the skills and confidence they need to be independent and to get along with others. 


There is also a Parenting After Bushfire free program available. This is a telephone service and available to anyone living in Victoria.


If you need support with student or family wellbeing or you have other concerns please contact me on 0439323053.

(refer to poster attached)


We are planning on going ahead using WebEx Events on the 13th August. A poster has gone out to all Kinder students and the evening has been advertised via Facebook - Bright P12 Parent and Community page. 


P-4 Teaching & Learning - Zerlina Green and Georgie Matters

Our P-4 staff have been working together again to provide your students with the best learning outcomes during this time. This week, all P-4 classes have started using Google Classroom. A reminder that starting Monday August 17th, student attendance will be recorded by a simple 'check-in' message on Google Classroom each morning. Please encourage your child to, as a priority, answer the morning question before 9:30am, after this time you may receive a phone call from the school to confirm if your student is absent.

If you CANNOT get into Google Classroom could you please email Phil Rigby or Mat Gray giving a small description of any problems you are encountering. 

For reference please find below some instructions for accessing Google Classroom.

A brief explanation video

Where to find your student email and passwords

Accessing Google Classroom help video



Having clear expectations around what we are doing and what we expect from each other is really important at all times but particularly important now. To aid our understanding we have again produced the following documents to help everyone and these are attached to this Compass post.

  • Parent/Carer/Guardian expectations

  • Staff expectations for parents

  • Student expectations

I hope these documents help give clarity and understanding for you and your child around the expectations we all have during this period of remote teaching and learning.

If you are having any difficulties, any at all, please make contact with us to help you through this period. You and your child’s learning are of utmost importance to us. We are here to support and help you. 



Attached to this Compass post. 


Once again thank you for your support and goodwill as we work our way through these next couple of weeks. It is important that we are kind to ourselves and kind to each other to help everyone get through to the other side. Parents, you are doing a fantastic job parenting your children, students you are doing an amazing job learning and teachers you are doing a tremendous job educating your students. Together we can do this. You are not alone. 


Warm regards

Jean Olley


Bright P-12 College



 Intentions-Form-week 7 Bright P-12 College

 Student expectations for Remote Learning v2.0 draft 1

 Parent expectations for Remote Learning v2.0 draft 1


 Staff expectations for parents v2.0 draft 1

 parenting after bushfires


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