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Dear Parents, Guardians, Carers and Students

I would like to once again thank you for your patience and understanding during this extraordinary period of teaching and learning at Bright P-12 College. We learnt a great deal from the last period of the remote teaching and learning and again are looking forward to learning more this time. We will continue to develop our teaching and learning platforms and pedagogy with a view to bringing what we have learnt back into the classroom when we return. 


My most important message to you is not to stress. Do the best you can. When we return to the onsite classroom we will focus on catching everyone up academically and looking after their social and emotional development. Now is not the time to stress about the small stuff, we have more than enough of the big stuff to contend with as a community and a world. Now is the time to enjoy family life, enjoy where we live and do the best you can and be assured we are doing the best we can. 


If you have any concerns about anything please contact me at I ask that you not make direct contact with the teachers if you have a major concern or are feeling overwhelmed as they are extremely busy preparing for their daily classes. I will do my best to support you and find a solution to any problems you may have with remote teaching and learning, within my control. 


A reminder for all students who are attending on-site learning

Students need to bring with them every day they attend, a water bottle, recess and lunch, computer and any other educational equipment and resources they need to participate in remote learning whilst on-site. 


Bright P12 College WebEx guidelines Students and Parents 

I have included in this Compass post the updated guidelines for students and parents when using WebEx to communicate. We have found WebEx to be a very useful tool to connect with students and parents and would appreciate you reading the guidelines and following the protocols when interacting with each other and the staff of Bright P-12 College. 


Pupil free day (apart from Senior Students & Yr 10 in VCE/VET)

Just a reminder that next Wednesday 26th August is a pupil free day (apart from Senior Students & Yr 10 in VCE/VET). 


Onsite Provision for Week 8

Attached to the Compass post today is the onsite provision form for Week 8. The due date is next Wednesday 26th August. 

On-site supervision in rural and regional Victoria will be available to:

  • Children whose parents cannot work from home

  • Vulnerable children

  • Any child with a disability

Kelli Jacobsen

P to 6 Assistant Principal


Helpful TIP - I only just learnt this myself

Google Classroom is a new platform for all students and parents across P to 4. Only this morning I learnt this helpful tip that many of you probably already know and has been shared but I wanted to include it again in case parents and students missed it. 

When your child logs in to Google Classroom you have a choice of 2 views. The stream - which lists everything for the week that you child needs to complete, but if you select the CLASSROOM view (which is an option on the top right) it will bring up individual subjects on a tab on the left hand side. The wonderful thing here is that as students select each subject the daily tasks (which has been entered on last) show at the top of the feed. 



On Tuesday 25 August, the Department of Education and Training is presenting a free webinar for parents and carers by renowned child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, on building family resilience during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Parents and carers play a vital role in helping children feel safe through uncertain times.

Dr Carr-Gregg’s webinar is aptly named Managing the Coronacoaster – Tips for building resilient families in the coronavirus era.

In this webinar, Dr Carr-Gregg provides tools and strategies for parents and carers to help manage the lockdown and remote learning. Topics include:

  • your supportive role

  • setting the emotional tone

  • focusing on what you can control

  • how to deal with disappointment

  • further resources and where to get help.

Dr Carr-Gregg’s presentation will run for 45 minutes. This will be followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session in which parents and carers can ask Dr Carr-Gregg questions.

Webinar details

  • When: Tuesday 25 August

  • Time: 7:30pm

  • Duration: 45-minute presentation followed by 15-minute questions and answers session

  • Format: online via Webex

  • Cost: free

How to register

To register and for more information visit the Managing the Coronacoaster – Tips for building resilient families in the coronavirus era eventbrite page.


The Disability Standards for Education 2005 are currently being reviewed by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

As part of the 2020 review, an extensive community consultation process is currently underway to seek feedback about whether the standards are effective or if any improvements can be made.

Current, former and prospective students with disability, their families and carers, advocates, educators, and other members of the public are invited to share their experiences, views and ideas to inform the review of the standards.

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, engagement activities will mostly be held online via a dedicated 2020 review Consultation Hub. The hub offers a range of different ways that participants can share their views and ideas, and will be open until 11.59pm on Friday 25 September.

A series of webinars is also available for interested participants to share their experiences and opinions.

The webinars will be fully accessible, and will include Auslan translation and captioning. The webinars are open to the public, and each will have a different theme. These are:

For more information about the upcoming webinars visit the frequently asked questions page.

discussion paper has been developed with guiding questions to help interested participants have their say.

Scott Burton

7-12 Assistant Principal


I would also like to point to the Webinar by Dr Carr-Gregg that Kelli has provided the information for above. I have been to a number of his presentations and they are both engaging and thought provoking with useful tips for parents.


Keeping children safe online during COVID-19

Children and teens are now spending a lot more time online. Being connected helps them reduce the impact of COVID-19 and encourages them to continue with their lives…but it also presents risks and dangers.

Online risks

  • Adults targeting children for sexual purposes on social media, gaming, and messaging platforms.

  • Harmful content – violence, misogyny, xenophobia, inciting suicide and self-harm, misinformation, etc.

  • Teens sharing personal information and sexual photos or videos of themselves.

  • Cyberbullying from peers and strangers.

Tech fixes to protect your children online

  • Set up parental controls.

  • Turn on SafeSearch on your browser.

  • Set up strict privacy settings on online apps and games.

  • Cover webcams when not in use.


Create healthy and safe online habits

  • Involve your child or teen in creating family tech agreements about healthy device use.

  • Create device-free spaces and times in your house (eating, sleeping, and playing, schoolwork).

  • Help your children learn how to keep personal information private, especially from strangers – some people are not who they say they are!

  • Remind your children that what goes online stays online (messages, photos, and videos). 

Spend time with your child or teen online

  • Explore websites, social media, games, and apps together.

  • Talk to your teen on how to report inappropriate content (see below).

  • Common Sense Media has great advice for apps, games and entertainment for different ages.

Keep your children safe with open communication

  • Tell your children that if they experience something online that makes them feel upset, uncomfortable, or scared, they can talk to you and you will not get mad or punish them.

  • Be alert to signs of distress. Notice if your child is being withdrawn, upset, secretive, or obsessed with online activities.

  • Create trusting relationships and open communication through positive support and encouragement.

  • Note that every child is unique and may use different ways to communicate. Take time to adjust your message for your child's. needs. For example, children with learning disabilities, may require information in simple format.


ishing you all the very best
Jean Olley
Bright P-12 College


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