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Dear Parents, Guardians, Carers and Students,
I hope you are having a good break and enjoying the new year.
It has been refreshing to get away for Christmas and New Year, although not without some of the difficulties of the new ‘COVID’ normal with travel disruptions and alerts. The new year brings with it hope of a less disrupted school year than last and it is with these feelings of hope and excitement for what the year may bring I have returned to work this week.
It is with great pride and joy I can report our Year 12 students have achieved at a very high standard in their VCE studies and VCAL completion.  Results came out late this year and I think most of us were a little unsure what to expect, given the unprecedented academic school year and the impact of worldwide events. So, it is was just wonderful to receive our VCE results and know our students had managed to put those events to one side and do what was needed to get where they wanted to go. Well done everyone!
Our Bright P-12 College DUX for 2020 is Lara Pasquinelli.  It is an extraordinary achievement to gain a high ATAR in any year, but in 2020 with much of the work done at home, away from the school networks that support learning, Lara has excelled. I am so very pleased for Lara and congratulate her on her result.
Overall, our VCE students did very well as a cohort with a Mean VCE Study Score of 30 for the College. This is a fabulous result.
Our VCAL students also did well completing their VCAL certificates with all modules successfully passed. Well done, and I congratulate you on your achievements particularly during 2020 with the very disrupted year to your VCAL work placements and VET certificates.
We will be holding a special awards ceremony at the College to celebrate our Year 12 students, as we were not able to include this in last year’s awards ceremony and more information will come out shortly.
Well done Year 12 2020. Well done teachers of Bright P-12 College for your dedicated efforts over many years to further the understanding and skills of our students. Well done parents for your positive partnership with our teachers and school and your support for your local public school.
Last year in the last couple of days of term 4 it was announced that in the State Budget 2020/21, the Victorian Government announced an investment of $24.5 million over the 2021 school year to support students and their families to bridge the digital divide. This will provide equity of access to technology and help students thrive and prosper, regardless of their background.
As part of this program students who were enrolled in Year 6 at Bright P-12 College in 2020 and were loaned a school laptop in 2020 can retain computers (or a similar computer) loaned to them during remote and flexible learning for use as their BYOD computer in Year 7 2021.
On either Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd and Monday 25th January, parents of Year 7 students who are taking up this offer will be required to attend in person at the College Library to collect the computer. To help us organise this process if you are interested please email with the subject “Remote Learning Laptop Request”
More information on this program will be sent out as we get it during 2021.
ICT Manager – Tony Brooks
2021 eduPass Passwords
All eduPass Accounts, which student use to access;

  • Office 365
  • Google Suite / Apps
  • School WiFi
  • Education Perfect
  • Adobe Suite of Apps,
  • And any other DET provided applications,

will be reset on Monday 18th of January and a password list will be uploaded to Compass by 5pm, Tuesday 19thJanuary. 
This does mean that students will not be able to access their school emails until they have looked up their new passwords.
This list can be accessed by going to the Reports section of Compass either as a parent or student.  We will not be resetting Compass passwords.
If you do not know your student Compass password please email with a subject heading of Compass Password Reset, and we will reset it for you.
If you do not know you parent Compass password please use the following link;
We also ask that you use the email option for recovery, not mobile number.
A copy of these sheets will be available from Year Level Co-Ordinators for Secondary students, or Classroom Teachers for Primary students once the school term starts.
2021 New Student Owned Laptops – Secondary Only
We are running 3 new laptop setup days for students with new laptops in 2021. These will be;
Thursday 21st January, 9:00am – 2:30pm – for Year 7 only
Friday 22nd January, 9:00am – 2:30pm – for all students
Monday 25th January, 9:00am – 2:30pm - for all students
The process will be;

  • Bring your laptop to the school library as early as possible.
  • Make sure it is clearly labelled with your name and a contact number.
  • We will give you a time to come back and collect your laptop, sorry you cannot wait on site. This may be the next setup or school day.

Please make sure your laptop AND Compass passwords are written down on a slip of paper.  If your Compass password is not written down we will reset it.
There must be an account setup already on the computer, if there is not you will be asked to bring it back once an account has been setup.  This means you must be able to access the desktop of the computer.
If your computer is running Windows make sure it is not running “S mode” – if you are not sure please follow this link -
More information on the start of the school year will be sent out during next week, but if you have any concerns please email me at
Warm regards
Jean Olley
Bright P-12 College

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