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Literacy and numeracy remain our academic focus at Bright P-12 College. Core subject areas of Science and Humanities (Geography and History) remain key to further develop numeracy and literacy, but also as valuable learning opportunities in themselves. The College also values Physical Education & Health as well as Arts, Music and Technology.  The College has a compulsory language program offering Japanese and German in Year 7 through to 9, with the option of Aboriginal Languages from Year 9.

Within these subjects, teaching and learning will incorporate personal, social and interdisciplinary skills.

Presently, Year 7 and Year 8 students at Bright P-12 College study;

Note: In Year 7 and 8 students rotate through the ‘electives’ for one term each (they are not elected as such).

 Bright P-12 College aims to provide a balanced curriculum for all students with the opportunity to pursue various pathways. Students’ individual learning needs are met within the classroom through the teacher negotiating appropriate changes to the curriculum and where necessary students work from an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to build skills or extend high achieving students.

Guidelines have been developed to respond to exceptional circumstances where a parent requests a structural change to the student’s learning program. The guiding principles of balance, flexibility, academic rigour, wide consultation and practicality will underpin any decisions relating to modifying a student’s learning program. The individual student’s needs and best interests are balanced against the College’s ability to resource and maintain an appropriate learning environment.

Our Highest


  • Folio Development  - VCE Studio Arts

    Folio Development - VCE Studio Arts

  • Birdfeeder  - Yr 9 Metalwork

    Birdfeeder - Yr 9 Metalwork

  • Logo designs for our VCAL wine 12 Bright Vines - Visual Communication

    Logo designs for our VCAL wine 12 Bright Vines - Visual Communication

  • Folio Development  - VCE Studio Arts

    Folio Development - VCE Studio Arts

  • Major Works  - Yr 9 Art

    Major Works - Yr 9 Art

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Bright P-12 College Purpose Statement:

Provide a stimulating learning environment that enables every student to build skills and pursue opportunities to best prepare them for their individual life journeys.

The College is situated within a unique natural environment bolstered by a supportive community.

It strives to nurture the health and wellbeing of each student and staff member while fostering creativity, inspiring growth and building


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