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Snowsports at Bright P-12 College


Each winter, the College provides students with the opportunity to participate in supervised Snow Sports, either as part of the college’s general Go to the Snow Program (5 day program) or the more extensive Bright College Snowsports Team (10 day program).  Both programs involve students travelling to Mt Hotham on a daily basis where they engage in formal lessons and teacher or endorsed volunteer supervised recreational skiing and snowboarding. Parent involvement in these programs is encouraged and vital to their success.

Go to The Snow 5 Day Program

To find out more about this program, please contact the school office on 03 5755 1166. This option is available for students from grade 4 through to year 10.

Bright College Snowsports Team (BCST) 10 Day Program

Formed in 1999 the Bright College Snowsports Team has grown from its early beginnings of just 12 members to a thriving team of over 80 students, support staff and volunteer endorsed parents. Over the years, the focus of the team has always remained the same – to provide a safe and affordable environment which supports the development of Snowsports activities for students. The BCST is open to all students within the Alpine cluster of schools including Bright P-12 College, Bright P-12 College Dinner Plain Campus, Harrietville, Porepunkah, and Wandiligong Primary Schools. The program caters for all levels of experience from beginners to expert and is open to students from Prep to Year 10.


Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding* or Cross Country Skiing* (10 Day Program)

This program is run through the Bright College Snowsports Team (BCST) and involves 10 days of downhill skiing, cross country skiing* or snowboarding* – consisting of five mid week days and five weekend days. Students MUST travel to and from Mount Hotham in private cars with their parents. Each day’s program involves students skiing or snowboarding with their parents in the morning and then participating in either a two hour or three hour lesson (see Program options below) in the afternoon. Racing for Bright P-12 College is encouraged but not compulsory.

It is important to note the BCST Program is not available to first time downhill skiers or snowboarders – with the exception of cross country skiers (see below).

New members participating in downhill skiing and snowboarding must:

1. Be able to negotiate a Green (beginner) Run unassisted;

2. Have had experience loading and unloading a ski lift;

3. Have reached five years of age prior to 1st June 2019.

The cross country skiing option is available to:

1. Beginner and intermediate skiers (subject to minimum numbers);

2. Students who have reached five years of age prior to 1st June 2019.

Within this program you have the following options:


Option 1: Two hour lesson for skiing or snowboarding* for ten days with the Mount Hotham

Ski School.


Option 2: Three hour Freeride/All Mountain skiing lesson for ten days with the Mount

Hotham Ski School. This option has limited places. This year we are offering two

ability level groups. One group for intermediate skiers who can ski Blue

(intermediate) runs competently and the other group for experienced skiers who

can ski Black (advanced) runs competently. All skiers must be in Year 4 or above.

The Program will consist of 30% park and 70% all mountain skiing.


Option 3: Two hour lesson for cross country skiing* for ten days with the Mount Hotham Ski


*Please note the snowboarding and cross country skiing programs will only run if there are adequate

participants of the same ability level.

For Parents:

Last season we introduced Parent skiing lessons. This was very successful so we are offering them again to encourage parents to improve their skiing technique and confidence when skiing with their children. We are offering two hour lessons in small groups of no more than five people of similar skiing ability, with the same instructor for the ten lessons. These lessons will be held at the same time as the BCST two hour lessons. 




2019 Season Training Dates

Mid Week Days

Weekend Days


 Day 1: July 20th (Sat)

Day 2: July 23rd (Tue)


 Day 3: July 27th (Sat)

 Day 4: July 31st (Wed)


 Day 5: August 3rd (Sat)

Day 6: August 6th (Tue)


 Day 7: August 13th (Tue) (Milne Shield Race Day)


 Day 8: August 17th (Sat)

 Day 9: August 20th (Tue)



Day 10: August 24th (Sat)

 1st make up day: August 28th (Wed)


 2nd make up day: August 31st (Sat)




Presentation Lunch: September 15th (Sun)


2019 Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships – Mt Buller

Cross Country Sunday 4th August

Cross Country Sunday 4th August

Snowsports Monday 19th – Sunday 25th August

Snowsports Monday 19th – Sunday 25th August

2019 Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships – Mt Buller

Snowsports Wednesday 4th – Sunday 8th September

Snowsports Wednesday 4th – Sunday 8th September


Roll Calls

On midweek training days parents must attend Roll Call between 8.00am and 9.00am in the Mt Hotham Transit Lounge, to mark their children present on the roll. This is a Department of Education and Training requirement for any school sanctioned excursion. On weekend training days this Roll Call takes place between 1.00pm-1.30pm in the Transit Lounge.


For the Dinner Plain Campus families there is a choice of two Roll Call times for the midweek training days. You need to elect one or the other for the whole program (you cannot chop and change). If you elect the AM Roll Call it is between 8.00am and 9.00am in the Mt Hotham Transit Lounge. If you elect the PM Roll Call it is at 1.30pm in the Mt Hotham Transit Lounge. On weekend training days the Roll Call takes place between 1.00pm-1.30pm in the Transit Lounge.

Team Membership

When purchasing any program offered through BCST students automatically become members of the BCST. Those not purchasing a program through Bright P-12 College can become team members at a cost of $70 for students attending Bright P-12 College and Dinner Plain Campus and $77 for all other students. This will benefit those competing at Interschools’ Championships, refer to Team Charter 2019. 



Team jackets are provided, on a rental basis, with the cost built into the Program/Membership price. These will be issued at a designated time, as determined by the BCST Committee. All jackets remain the property of BCST and must be returned at the end of the season.

Jackets are for use during training days only and other Bright P-12 College sanctioned events, ie.

Interschools’ Championships, and should not replace snow gear for everyday wear during the season. A $100 fee will be payable, according to the terms and conditions outlined in the Jacket Rental Agreement, for lost, damaged, named, soiled, or incomplete jackets. Jackets which exhibit excessive wear and tear will also be subject to this fee.

Students will not be allowed to participate in their lesson unless they are wearing the team jacket and are also required to wear an approved snowsports protective helmet when training or racing. Parents are also required to wear an approved snowsports protective helmet




Application Forms along with FULL payment must be made at the Bright P-12 College office by Friday 3rd May 2019.

Payments will not be accepted unless accompanied by all of the completed documentation (refer to "Application Form" parent checklist). Payment made by one of the following options is preferred:

• Card – VISA, MasterCard.

• Cheque made out to Bright P-12 College. 


Documents & Costs


It is a requirement that all members who purchase a program have ambulance cover. The following documents must be read or completed when purchasing a program through Bright P-12 College. 


Parent Supervision on Program Days

Parent supervision in the BCST 10 Day Program is compulsory. Students must be accompanied by their own parent/s to and from the mountain and also be supervised by their own parent/s whilst free skiing/snowboarding before and after lessons. This is a Department of Education and Training requirement for the BCST Program and if not adhered to puts the BCST Program at risk. Any breaches will be reported to the Executive Officer, Jean Olley. 


Mobile Contact Number

Please make sure the mobile contact number you have provided on both the Application and Intention to Ski Forms is for the mobile phone you will be carrying on the mountain.

A BCST Mountain Manager/Committee Member will be contactable on the BCST Snow Phone each training day and throughout the season on 0477 345 325. Please save this number in your phone contacts. All enquires should be made to this number only. 



Intention to Ski Forms

The Intention to Ski Form covers all the BCST training days for the season and must be completed and returned to the College Office by Monday 17th June 2019. Should the College not receive this form students will not be allowed to participate in the program.

If there are any changes to this form during the season, ie. a different parent will be accompanying their child/children than first indicated, or the mobile contact number has changed, please advise both the College Office and the BCST Snow Phone. It is imperative we have the correct information for each and every training day. 


Ski Passes

The team is allocated a number of adult gap tickets free of charge and in most circumstances one parent from each family should receive a complimentary gap ticket. These free tickets are only available to parents who have purchased a Local Pass through the BCST 10 Day Program and are accompanying their child/children during this time. There will be times when we have more parents than tickets and in these circumstances we will only issue one ticket per family. A record of ticket allocation is maintained and a fair distribution of tickets is provided throughout the season. Parents who miss out and want to ski or snowboard will need to purchase a day ticket from the lift company and pay a gap fee, on presentation of  their current Local Pass. 


Presentation Lunch & Awards

The final event on the BCST season is a presentation lunch where awards are presented.  Every member of the BCST receives a participation award.  




Interschool’s Snowsports Competitions

Members are encouraged to participate in the Interschools Snowsports Championships held each year with the core purposes of the event being to:

• Increase schools’ participation in Snowsports;

• Deliver a high quality Interschools event;

• Provide an affordable Interschools event; and

• Provide opportunities for Australian school students of all ages to experience snowsports and

• to participate at either a recreational or competitive level.

For further information or any questions regarding the Interschools please contact our Interschools Liaison/Coordinator: Meridee Love – 0403 488 085 or


For further information on the program please contact the BCST Mountain Managers:

BCST Snow Phone 0477 345 325

Simon Ferrito 0416 123 201

Dave Russell 0413 488 582 



2019 Bright College Snowsports Team Committee:

Executive Officer: Jean Olley (Principal)                                               
Mountain Managers: Simon Ferrito and Dave Russell                   
Chairperson: Michael Erdi    
Secretary:  Kath Baldock
Finance: Lisa Flew
Dinner Plain Liaison: Anita King
Publicity:  Anna Kelly
Uniforms: Katie Ferrito & Lisa Dunne
General Committee members: Heath Anders, Jason Brown, Sam Pasquinelli, Chris McKee, Adrian Feltrin, Adrian Quinnel
Teacher representative:  Katie Ferrito (Primary) and Glenn Jackson (Secondary)


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    Logo designs for our VCAL wine 12 Bright Vines - Visual Communication

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