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Jennifer Young


Role/Responsibilities at P-12: 
I am a secondary Mathematics and Science teacher. In 2015, I am teaching Year 7 Maths and Science, Year 8 Science, Year 9 Science and Year 11 General Mathematics. I am also the Year Level Coordinator for Year 7 students which involves looking after the wellbeing and particular academic needs of students in the Year 7 cohort. I work closely with the other teachers of Year 7 students to ensure that information about our students is shared and their learning needs are met.
I also look after the transition of students from Year 6 into Year 7. This role involves working with local schools within our cluster, as well as primary students from Bright P-12 College, to make the transition to secondary school education as smooth as possible. Planning information evenings and school transition days are all part of this exciting role.

Where did you go to school?
I grew up in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales and attended Merriwa Central School before our family moved to Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast in Queensland and I attended Yeppoon Primary School. I completed my secondary studies at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School.

What is your 60-second life story?
I attended University in Rockhampton studying Biological Laboratory Techniques before moving to Brisbane and working as a Laboratory Technician studying uterine cancers at Queensland University. I studied a Post Graduate in Biotechnology through Queensland University of Technology and then started work as a Research Scientist studying immunology, in particular HIV and Hepatitis, for AGEN Biomedical.
Married my childhood sweet heart, Ian, in 1988 and in 1994 our first daughter was born. In1995 we moved to Bright and I studied Bachelor of Science (Wine Science) through Charles Sturt University. After 3 more children, owner building and working as an Integration aide at Bright P-12 College, I completed a Post Graduate Degree in Education through Queensland University of Technology and was employed as a teacher at Bright P-12. I have worked with Prep students, students at the Dinner Plain Campus and as a Year 5/6 teacher. I have since completed a Professional Certificate in Education (Special Education) through Melbourne University and intend to finish my Masters in Education in the next few years. Even though I loved teaching in the Primary school, I enjoy working with adolescents and it is particularly rewarding to share my love of science with young adults in the hope that they too can pursue a career in such an enriching field of study. 

 What inspires you within your role at P-12?
I really enjoy watching the way that students progress through our school and become wonderful young adults. I have known many of our current student since Prep and the transformation from littlies with backpacks bigger than they are to young adults driving to school is just amazing. I find the caring way that the staff interact with students and the way that the students are at the centre of everything that we do incredibly inspiring. Our school has a very calm and friendly atmosphere and this makes it a great environment to belong to. Witnessing the growth of students from Year 6 into their first year of secondary studies is hugely rewarding.

What are your interests and passions outside of school?
I enjoy the time I have to be with my family and spending time on our farm. We raise sheep and I am hoping that one day our farm may allow our family to be more self-sufficient. We have a small menagerie of animals including a couple of kelpies, a cat, rabbits, chooks and fish. I am slowly learning to say no to new pets! I have recently taken up karate and I am really enjoying the challenges that that brings especially as I am extremely uncoordinated (I have a very patient Sensei). I like reading and every holiday I make it a goal to read at least two novels.

What is your vision for the future?
I can see Bright P-12 College becoming a learning hub for our community. We already have the Early Learning Centre where lifelong learning commences and then we can educate children through to the commencement of further studies at University or TAFE. Technology allows us to deliver programs that might be administered in centres a long way from Bright but our students can access face-to-face learning from within our own community via the internet. I am impressed with the continuing development of our VET and VCAL programs that are aimed at producing skilled and motivated young people that are ready to move effectively into the workforce or further training with confidence.    

What is your favourite…..
     -  Quote: “All I ask is a chance to prove money can’t make me happy” Spike Milligan.  It says it all!
     -  Poem: Anything by Spike Milligan, very silly but sometimes very sad too.
     -  Personal anecdote or defining value statement: “Maintain an open and positive attitude to new ideas”

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